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Cortina Digital Forum

A two days’ event online for experts and general audience

The crisis we are facing in these difficult historic circumstances, can be turned into an opportunity of growth. Hence, it is paramount to devote our energies to a deep reflection and to open discussions on the topics able to change direction to our societal and economic frameworks.
Digitalisation is surely one of these key topics, both because of its not fully exploited potential and also for being a priority at EU and global level.

The choice of Cortina d’Ampezzo was driven by what it represents: a fascinating scenery and tenacity, the  ability to overcome challenges thanks to the resilience typical of mountain people. Additionally, Cortina is taking on an increasingly global visibility by hosting the Alpine World Ski Championships in 2021 and the 2026 Winter Olympics together with Milano.

Digital Forum

The Events

The events of the Cortina Digital Forum are intended as an opportunity for experts from industry and policymakers at local/regional, national and European level, as well as for a general interested audience, to discuss together relevant topics related to digital technologies, to provide a dedicated space to share views, ideas and initiatives.

The moments of discussion have been structured with the objective to enhance constructive relations among institutions, market players, and the wider public audience, with the latter able to determine the success of industrial and institutional policies.

The events of the Cortina Digital Forum are held in form of thematic roundtables/panels and the presence of media partners is also planned to enable a more effective debate, by involving journalists with expertise in the sector in the role of moderators thus also ensuring an appropriate level of visibility to the content discussed as well as to studies, researches and positions presented by the different speakers.

The Cortina Digital Forum LOGO explained

The Cortina Digital Forum LOGO explained

From the outset we wanted to give a clear identity to the Cortina Digital Forum via the creation of a dedicated and meaningful logo.
On the one hand, we wanted a logo that reflected the more classical digital technology narrative and, in parallel, we aimed at a logo that echoed our philosophy, our objectives and the uniqueness of Cortina d'Ampezzo and more broadly the Dolomites.

The Cortina Digital Forum’ logo encompasses everything that visually distinguish the initiative:

PROMINENCE OF DIGITAL: Digital and the growth of digital in every field is the central theme and is represented by the mountain and in particular its height represents the importance of digital in our lives.

VALUE OF SHARING: The Cortina Digital Forum is a fora of reunion and discussion and this is represented by the lines dialogue and converge in a sort of hub in search of exchanges and solutions.

CENTRALITY OF TECHNOLOGY: digital also means hardware and in this case we can capture this reference via the shape and connections of the chips embedded in the devices that are used on a daily bases.

ESSENCE OF THE LOCATION: the lines in the logo follow the shape of one of the most representative mountains of the Dolomites namely the “Tofana di Rozes” which we can admire in Cortina.

Having the opportunity of conveying to you the meaning of our logo, and the reasons that led us to its choice, summarizes well the idea and the path that led us to the creation of the Cortina Digital Forum.

The CDF logo was created by the graphic and web-designer Roberto Casanova.

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